The Basics

The Basics


What Is is a website that helps you keep track of all your good deeds on the internet!  All of your donations, volunteer work -- even your selfless commitment to bringing unicorns back from extinction -- can be recorded and shared through your profile. Plus, you can see all the good deeds your friends are doing, and reward them for being awesome. helps you do other stuff, too.  If you want to promote a non-profit organization, support a charitable project or just raise awareness of certain social issues, it’s almost as easy as sharing a cute picture of your cat with the entire internet.


Through this site, you’ll meet with friends and like-minded individuals, share creative ideas and collaborate to make things happen for your causes.  As a member of the community, you will receive recognition from others for doing good deeds—and of course you’ll be able to recognize and reward the good deeds of others, too!  This recognition, instead of being doled out in the form of sincere-but-isolated high-fives and thumbs-ups, will be given and received as “goodness points,” and will add up over time.



Why should I become a member?  


If you like doing good deeds, if you enjoy giving recognition to others for the good things they do, and if you don’t mind getting a little recognition for yourself from time to time, then you’re practically a member already.  Individual people and organizations (and someday, possibly, very small dogs who can hear cries for help from a great distance) are welcome to join; website is open to everyone. By becoming a member, you will be able to use as a platform to endorse other members and member-organizations, and start earning “goodness points.”


What are other possible benefits of signing up and being active?  


Every generous and unselfish act, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, has the potential to impact your community and the social good. is focused on helping you to capture that potential by accumulating and aggregating all your good deeds in one place.  We know there are a lot of people (and since you are here, that includes you!) donating their time, money and ideas to a lot of good projects and causes.  We just want the world to recognize that.



How It Works  


How does Endorsement work?  


Remember those good deeds we were talking about a minute ago? is set up so that you can “endorse” a person or an organization who is a member for doing them.  Think of an endorsement as a value-unit which can accumulate, like sea shells, or bits of foil, or dollar bills—HOLLA!  


Since your endorsement has “value,” it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to dump a big pile of endorsement on anyone who happens to wander into view, right? takes this into account by making it “cost” something to give an endorsement, so that you will have a reason to be selective about how you spend them.  This cost is called a “token.”  


When you first sign up, you will start off with 25 tokens.  Each token allows you to give out one endorsement to another member.  For each token you “spend” on an endorsement for another member, you will earn 10 “goodness point,” and the member you endorse will receive 20 “goodness points.”  As you perform more good deeds, you can earn more tokens, which you can spend on more endorsements. 


Why should I give out endorsements? 


From job references, to thank-you notes, to the simple-yet-noble act of “liking” that cat picture your friend shared on Facebook, giving out endorsements is part of our daily lives. will capture all of your endorsements in one place, record the people and causes you like and help the recipients to get the public recognition they deserve.


How do I endorse a member? 


You can endorse a member by clicking on the “endorse” button that appears on their profile page, status feed or on a particular activity item.  Each endorsement you give out will cost you one token.


Why do we need tokens? 


You are a unique and special person who cares about things, and your endorsement has value.  The token system is intended as a guide to help members to be selective in giving out endorsements by limiting the number of endorsements they can give. This also lets the member on the receiving end know that they have earned something of value, rather than a quick thumbs-up. Each member starts out with 25 tokens, and thereafter will have the opportunity to earn more tokens by doing good deeds (such as reporting your donations and volunteer services.)


How can I get more tokens?  


Be active and get involved- here are a number of ways:


-     Report your donation, each $1 donation will get you 1 token

  • You’re automatically entered into our daily raffle when you give out endorsements, this gives you a chance to win 50 tokens every day.



How do I get more “goodness points?”  



Endorsing other members is great, but it is your own deeds that really set you down the path to earning more “goodness points.”

  • Use the self-reporting feature on your profile page to report cash donations to non-profit organizations in calendar year 2011.  Each $1 you donate will earn you 1 goodness point, up to a maximum of 10,000 points per calendar year from self-reported donations.  (Please see the guideline section for the rules.)
  • Announce all your good deeds in your status so that others will have a chance to endorse you.  It’s ok; it’s important for as many people as possible to broadcast their “good-deed-news,” with all the “bad news” being broadcast in the world today.  Plus, each endorsement you receive will earn you 20 Social Credit points.  Good news?  In deed!
  • Give tokens as gifts to charity organizations that are running low.  Yes, gifting tokens is not only possible; each token you gift to a charity organization will earn you 20 Social Credit points!
  • Report your volunteer services to earn “goodness points” and tokens.  Each hour of service will earn you 10 “goodness points” and 10 tokens!


Is my donation amount publicly displayed?    


No.  Only you and the recipients of your donation will be able to see the amount.  The public will be able to see whom you donated money to, but they will not be able to see how much.


How do I know if a non-profit is a real IRS (501)3c? acquires the latest, updated information on all non-profit organization data from “Networking For Good,” an non-profit research firm in Washington D.C.  Each organization has an EIN number with a verified legal name and address.


What if I can’t find my non-profit organization?  


If your organization is not listed, please email us so that we can research and add you to our database.


How long will I have to wait for a response to my question?  


During our initial BETA launch, we are expecting a lot of inquiries.  Please give our customer service team 48 hours to respond.  



Fun and Rewards


What is the daily “Token Giveaway” or raffle?  

We want to reward members who are active in our community.  This means interacting with other members and giving out endorsements.  The system works like a raffle; you don’t have to purchase anything, and there’s nothing to enter.   Each time you endorse another member, BOOM-- you increase your chances of winning our daily “Token Jackpot”!  The more active you are, the greater your chance of winning, so start interacting and endorsing!  


What are some other rewards?  


This is something we’re working on, so stay tuned for more information.  ?  


Is there a way to share a project on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg?  How about via email?  


Yes.  Each project page has a “share” section with icons for email and the major social networks.  Sharing a project is as simple as clicking on an icon!  


Does have a Facebook page?  


Yes.  Just direct your browser to  for all the Facebook Goodness you can handle.


I have a customer service question that you guys have not addressed here.  Is there a way to get in touch with someone directly?


Of course!  We want to make this the perfect magical giving experience for you and our small but dedicated customer service team is here to help.  You can contact them at 


Who is


Drew Walker – concept illustration

Jay Sun – original Concept, Managing Director

Scott Patalano – Mission contributor, copywriter

Dawn Hayes – Creative Writer

Terrence Curran – Chief Tech & Developer

The Barbariangroup – Site design, UX, branding



Community Guidelines

We are a community of people doing good deeds so hopefully all of this is moot. Just think to yourself, What Would Fonzi Do? If Fonzi wouldn’t give it a thumbs up, we probably wouldn’t either. But just in case, here are “don’ts”:

- Spread the word but don't spam other members.

Please avoid sending messages someone you don’t know or

have no reason to contact other than ask them to support

your causes. That’s just annoying.

- Don't promote a member or organization on other

member’s pages. Your comments will be deleted and your

account may be suspended.

- Be courteous and respectful.

- Don't post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content.

You account will be suspended or deleted if you do. And karma might just bite you on the bottom. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

- Don't post copyrighted content without permission.

Only post content that you have the rights to.

- Please don’t create more than one account or you will

be deleted permanently. Fair is fair!

- Lastly, we believe is a community of

trust. Please don’t report non-cash donation or

donations you had never made; we do random audits and

confirmation requests from members. If you can’t prove

your donations upon request, we reserve the right to void

your “goodness” points and/or suspend or delete your